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You're one of the first to view this discount offer so don't click away. Have you ever thought about getting a "vanity phone number" for you business. Well, I'd like to tell you about the new toll-free 1 500 exchange that is going live and your chance to get your business a branded vanity phone number of your choice. If you're a service company or firm, this promises to impact your business marketing and branding dramatically. The release of this new exchange marks a second chance for firms seeking toll-free vanity numbers in popular demand like 1-500-LAWYERS.

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Our company, 500PLUS, LLC as the sole provider of the new 1-500 phone exchange, is currently offering a pre-release opportunity in toll-free 1-500 vanity numbers. With 500PLUS, LLC, you have access to over 1 Million Toll Free "1-500" phone numbers. You get to choose from hundreds of thousands of great vanity phone numbers at pre-launch discount rates you can lock-in before we begin our regular rate program.

Not sure what "vanity numbers" is all about? Well, think about a little, now BIG, flower company for a moment. This business saw the opportunity early and was able to secure 1-800-FLOWERS, giving them an edge with the customer looking for flower delivery. An easy to remember "phone name" that customers can easily recall. Now, it's your chance to

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The new toll-free 1-500 vanity number exchange has the potential to generate results for your business in a very significant way. For one thing, studies have shown that ad response rates increase by 30% or more with the use of vanity phone numbers. Imagine, 30% more business coming to you for the same marketing dollars. For another, you will increase your brand awareness with a 500 vanity number, as the toll-free 800 numbers have already proven, like 1-800-FLOWERS. Unfortunately, all the 800 vanity numbers are gone!

Did You Know? - 58% of subjects remembered a toll-free VANITY NUMBER after hearing it just once in a radio commercial.

We see a number of opportunities for service companies here. The first and most obvious is to secure a number that fits your firm or practice, as a way to generate inquiries about your services. Select a number that spells out the name of your business, product, or service, e.g. 1-500-HOMELOANS, and, YES, because of the uniqueness of the 500 exchange you can use more than 7 characters to describe your number. With a memorable Toll-Free 500 number, customers will easily remember it and dial you first.

Be sure to consider all the different numbers that could work for your business. But, don't wait too long because the ones that are worth having will be snapped up quickly.

So, for those of you who find yourselves in a service business, here is your opportunity to get on board early.

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